The only way to create great things every day is with great people who truly enjoy their job

We perfectly know that we are only as good as the services we provide.

CHEF FOR YOU   is  Passionate, Hard-Working, Creative Company,   focused on to exceeding client expectations.

  Not just another concierge but a super-efficient agency providing bespoke hospitality services, designed according to the needs of the most demanding Guests, every day of the year.



We are Italian with a solid international background willing to go the extra mile providing the highest standards services all over the world, to improve the quality of life.

The Team



I started my career as a Chef really young working hard, totally focused on learning the secrets of the world’s cuisines. After four years in the kitchen I realised the culinary world is amazingly large and I wanted to explore it.

I started travelling around the world and I have never stopped acquiring new culinary styles, different cultures and ways to interpret the local foods.
I worked with outstanding and inspirational professionals bringing them firmly into my life as mentors.
In 2007 I founded Chef for You company in New Zealand, achieving big success as a Personal Chef. The business has grown beyond all expectation.

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I realized many clients were desperately looking for a more personally tailored experience than traditional concierge services or lifestyle management companies could provide. This gave me the idea to start an agency who accurately selected and assessed outstanding Chef’s profiles, taught them compliance with our service model and guided them through the mission with our clients.

Back in Europe, I  started up the current Chef for You Ltd, enabling me to satisfy all the requests. Thanks to my Chef’s Team I never again say to my clients: “sorry, I’m already busy “!

The rest is today’s history, we go ahead travelling, sourcing and training the world’s best Chefs to meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

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A. Rita

Project Manager

I love  organize  schemes  resources  and people, like a bridge between organization and team!


Financial Manager

My role creates value! I develop long-term strategies and plans to achieve our financial goals.

are i.

senior recruiter

PEOPLE are the heart of our business. Create recruiting strategies and attract the most professional profiles is a highly demanding mission!

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