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CHEF FOR YOU is an Energetic Consultancy&Training Company providing a Large Range of Hospitality Consultancy Services.

From Concept Development through to Opening Day, our Highly Experienced Consultants Can Fulfil any Need









Hospitality Recruiting

Looking for Staff or Management candidates is a really Big Effort. But, we know what to look for.
Our world-class recruiting Team have the experience to discover talents, at all levels and from across the globe. We focus on finding the best possible fit to meet at the best the client’s expectation

How To Recruit Employees For Restaurants? How Can Our Restaurant Recruiters Help You With Your Restaurant Staffing?

To help you with Restaurant Staffing we utilize our personal DataBase and professional network of restaurant and hospitality industry contacts, at all levels from across the globe, to find qualified candidates and provide top restaurant recruiting services.

We only focus on finding and recommending candidates who contribute to the company’s vision, develop in their role, have the dedication and ability to go the extra mile pushing the bottom line forward

Our restaurant&hospitality recruiters and headhunters run the improvements plans in-house and, at the end of the process, they stand behind the staffing placements with a 60-day guarantee

Hospitality Management Recruitment

The role of a restaurant or kitchen manager isn’t easy, What do we look for searching for a manager? It’s all about finding the right profile. Dynamic, responsible, independent, outgoing, proactive, competent, passionate (… we could go on).
We look for candidates who demonstrate the ability to seamlessly the bridge between staff, back office, and owners.

Training On the Job

We will support and training your staff on the job, in their real environment, through innovative methods and models, to develop the specific skills and know-how your business require.
To guarantee maximum performance from each of your employees, we focus on personalized training, individual meetings and tailor-made corse

Coaching & Team Building. Keys To Success

Coaching is a training strategy to amplify the Staff’s sense of company membership, reflecting positive effects in achieving personal, business, team and managerial goals
The team building aims to strengthen of interpersonal relationships creating a positive atmosphere of sharing and collaboration, increasing the sense of identification with the company’s mission and values and finally improving the performance of each individual employee.
In order to improve performance, our expert consultants organize and coordinate Coaching and Team Building through personalized training days, specific workshops and individual meetings in the company.
A focused, well-defined coaching program is essential for effective brand management, operational effectiveness and team fluidity.
Increase your team’s performances
Intensify your guests’ experiences.
Better your daily operations.
Improve your business model.
How does our program work?
We come in ready to observe, learn, and listen. Ultimately using that data to create a specialized, targeted program to coach, educate, and train the people you work with

Menu Development & Menu Engineering

What Is Menu Development?
Menu Development focuses primarily on the dish selection and design of a menu. When developing custom menus, we look at the brand’s story, location and style, local ingredients, seasonal offerings and specialities.
We work to create innovative, engaging menu design to best suits the client’s brand.
What is Menu Engineering?
Menu Engineering is the correct process of building a menu. We gather and analyze data from dish popularity to price evaluation and costing.
They determine the best steps to build a menu of offerings that speak to our client’s concepts, profitability goals and limitations, guest expectations, and business plan.

New Restaurant Openings & Start-Ups

The art of opening a successful restaurant can be a challenge even for the most experienced operators.

New restaurant openings require proven resources and a detail-oriented focus that can worsen owner and operator. To fight that critical opening phase, we create strategic operating structures to help get you from the first to the last point.

We see the big picture. Our team of expert consultants take care of your project from development to completion and beyond.

Business Plan definition
Side-by-side support
Training templates
Vendor selection
Break Even Point
Performance evaluation

Management Facility - Operation & Management Support

We have an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how to offer Specialized, targeted developments plans for your concept needs in order to grow your restaurant or hospitality business
We obtain results every day because we are real expert operators, restaurant managers and owners. In order to successfully execute day-to-day operations, we know what’s required
No two restaurants or hospitality businesses are the same. Working with you we evaluate your business from top to the bottom to find the best strategies to manage your restaurant or hotel. As operators and owners ourselves, the advice and strategies we offer are tried and tested from our own experiences.
So whether you are an F&B Manager, a hotel restaurant manager, or just looking for some restaurant management tips, we’ll develop a specific strategy that’s right for you.

Redefine and Develop Concept

We have an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how to offer specialized, targeted developments plans for all your concept needs in order to grow your business
How do I keep my concept fresh? Repositioning is the answer

Our team is ready to breathe life back into your business.
New menu concept
implementing a cool, new food program
generating interest through little or big theme events.
Oftentimes it’s simpler than you figure.

Our team guide you to some remarkable, intentional actions to make a positive impact on your brand and bottom line.

Mystery Guest

Do you really know how your guests see you?
Our Mystery Guest project measure compliance with general standards of quality or can be tailor-made to focus on particular needs and specific standards.



Identify the Biggest Threats
Find the Biggest Opportunities



Plan of Action
Define Resources Needed



Work with the Management Team
to Implement the New Solutions



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