Our aim is to Create your successful Team!

Our experienced Consultants are chefs with a deep business knowledge and expertise, able to guide or assist you and your organization  to  improve the standard  of the  staff, the quality of the service and  increase your profits.

Chef for You Consultant provides successful recruitment or just training and support for your household kitchen Staff, to improve skills, raise the quality of the food presentation,  enhancing the standard of the service.
We are specialized in kitchen staff recruitment and training, operational assessment,  menu modernization focused on costs reduction,  for new openings and current business.
Any Style of  Menu designs,  refreshes, modernization, and seasonal changes
Support in recipe development: Italian, Mediterranean,  Vegan,  Modern International Cuisine, Halal, Kosher, Healthy Programs and more
Sourcing suppliers
Kitchen Staff recruitment and training
Implementation of the training course for new recruits
Ad Interim Chef service,  useful during workers transitions
Help with kitchen layout and remodelling
Kitchen equipment advice and purchasing
Techniques to keep  Food Cost under control
Operational advice
To have a Free of Charge initial consultation or hire a Consultant, please contact  us, we will back to you straight away
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