Top most frequently asked questions

Whatever your Budget, the Service You Are Looking for, We Are Committed to Giving the Best Dining Experience You Deserve.

Tasteful Dishes Cooked from Scratch Exclusively for You and Your Guests in the Comfort of your Villa
1How It Works

Whatever your budget

The type of Chef you are looking for, Gourmet or Family Cooker

The kind of service you have in mind, formal or informal

for a day, a weekend, a week or a whole month …

First Fill out the form or contact us directly

Once we receive your request will do a brief  interview to  collect the information to

Select the Chef profile best suits your needs, based on the entertainment experience you are looking for

Meet  your taste  preferences, what you like and what you dislike to create the ideal menu

Know your budget expectations and the way you would like your expenses to be managed

Organize the service according to the expectations

At the end of the interview, you  receive

An example of menu, just to understand if we are in tunes with your desires

Detailed information about the Chef

A bespoke quote based on the type of service required

2How to book the service

To book the service fill out the form  or contactus directly, we will reply in a very short time. Once the reservation is done, the Chef set up  the service you requested at the agreed time

3How much in advance I have to book the service
You can book this service up to 48h in advance. Of course, earlier you book, the greater the chances to finding availability.
4Is there a min number of Guests to book the service

The service is always guaranteed

5Is there a max number of guests that you can serve?

No, there is no limit. We wish you to book well in advance so we can organize your event in the best way.

6I need to add guests in a reservation already made

You are welcome,  there is no maximum number of guests

7Can I book this service for a party

Of course, you can request the service for any kind  of event, including parties

8Can I make a Membership

Of course, we offer  purchase packages that guarantee savings on costs and priority on bookings. Contactus for more details

9Can I set up a long-term personal chef relationship?

Of course, we offer  purchase packages that guarantee savings on costs and priority on bookings. Contactus for more details

10How much does a personal chef service cost?

Chefs offer bespoke service and different pay rates based on the menu you want the Chef cooks, the type of service you require, the number of guests to be served,  where you’re located, the Chef’s experience and so on.

To book the service send us an e-mail or contactus directly, we will reply in a very short time with a proper quote for the service

11How do payments work?

You will pay for at the time of booking

12What’s included in the price?

Shopping Time  The chef handles the food shopping to ensure the best quality of ingredients just before gets  your home.

Personal Chef Service  The Chef prepare full meals from scratch in your kitchen

Collecting e Cleaning  The Chef keep the kitchen clean and tidy at the end of the service.

13What’s not included in the price?

Drinks  are not included. We prefer you choose drinks suit your  taste and style . Based on your choice, we take care of everything, you will not have to think about purchases

14Do children pay

Children under the age of 4 are our guests

15Isn't a personal chef just for celebrities and rich people?

No! All kinds of people hire Personal Chef service, anyone who has a need to solve the “What’s for Dinner?” problem !

Hiring someone to cook dinner in your home it’s not expensive, especially when you include:  No more shopping,  going out, picking up, or preparation of the evening meals.

Think of all the extra time you will save by hiring a Personal Chef Service. Time for the other, more important part of your life.

16Re_book a chef

CHEF FOR YOU is your only spokesperson, so any extension of the assignment or re-booking for  the same chef will be  agreed between you and our  agency